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Wheel of Misfortune

Wheel of Misfortune (or Micro economy #1) is a piece that I began working on in 2013 and is an ongoing project.  The idea goes like this: Three times a week, I receive a free community newspaper to my door that tells me of upcoming events, government news, etc. etc. With each issue comes an assortment of advertising flyers. Thursday is the heaviest volume day for flyers.  While I skim through the paper, almost all of the flyers get deposited directly into the recycle bin.  This led me to wonder how many other people were trashing this unwanted advertising without a glance. So, I’ve decided to collect these flyers over the course of one year and create “Wheel of Misfortune” (or micro-economy #1)  Each piece of colourful paper is folded into a thin strip and then rolled onto the wheel.

The main wheel is 4.5  feet in diameter. There will be approximately eight other wheels that will branch off from the larger wheel (yes, there are that many flyers).

Wheel of Misfortune will be accompanied by a large infographic that will contain statistical information examining the economic and environmental implications in the production of “junk mail”.  It will also look at the evolution digital media, the inevitable decline of print media, and the far-reaching effects it is having on employment in that sector.